T.M. Rickman
General Store
The T.M.Rickman General Store was
purchased by LTLT, the Land Trust for the
Little Tennessee in August of 2007.

The store re-opened it's doors to the public for
the 2007 Holiday Season, and continues to
host events throughout the year thanks to the
enthusiastic involvement of neighbors
organized as the "Friends of Rickman Store".

The turnout has been great, and many have
been able to enjoy the festive nature of the
store. Historic displays bring back memories
to many about the early families of Cowee; and
it is exciting to see that the building is already
providing our youth with opportunities for
learning about our history and the rural
lifestyle of our community.

People enjoy the sounds of the mountains, and
take some time to do a little shopping.
The Rickman Store was a
mainstay in the Cowee
Community for many years.
Constructed in 1895 by John Hall,
Thomas Rickman purchased the
store in 1925 and operated it until
his death in 1994. Many of the
original fixtures are still in place,
including wormy chestnut
paneling upstairs. For more
information regarding the
Cowee-West's Mill Historic
District click on the link below.

Cowee-West's Mill Historical
District Info
Tom Rickman behind the counter